Who would have thought... 2020. A virus. This was an absolute surprise!!

So here is my take on the world and what`s going on and what I am taking from it.

I do not know why things happen - good or bad. But I do know that good does come from bad. It does not always come immediately (more than often not) but as we say, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I do not worry about getting sick (us healthy people have no need to worry about that). It is flu. It is the ones that can`t afford to get it like those that have compromised immunity and the elderly that I worry for. We do not have enough hospital beds for a massive influx of sick people. THIS is the main concern. Not the virus itself. 

I worry about individuals who are not practicing social distancing and not taking this seriously. It`s not just flu this time. Five hundred people died in Italy yesterday. We are two weeks behind them in terms of stats. With that said, I truly feel we are in a good position and on the whole our country sees to be acting responsibly and taking the measures needed to slow this down. We need to understand that the numbers of infected will continue to rise daily, BUT the rate at which this happens is what is crucial right now. IF we can keep it at a steady rate, we will not incur the same fate as the heavily infected countries. The only way to do this is to stay at home and wait. Practice excellent hygiene and stay calm. There is no need to panic although I know this is easily said but not done.

So this is what I am doing to stay calm and carry on. 

I have stopped following social media and news on every single level. I no longer scroll through meaningless panic posts or news. Every feed is jam packed with the virus, there is no other news right now and the world is anxious and fear stricken. We have a choice to tap into that - every moment of every day you have a choice to update your anxiety or allow it to settle. Opt to not get involved in it. I am not saying do not keep updated. Aim perhaps to pop on 2 times a day - onto a site such as this : to check the latest stats. What more do we need to know?

I find news 24 quite helpful in terms of any announcements etc. Facebook for me is nothing but fear driven panick and topics around COVID-19.

REAL life is life at home with my children. Not a screen of meaningless news and peoples opinions. Chatting to my husband last night, I managed to explain how I have started feeling that real life seems to be interrupting our lives online. It feels as though I am constantly plugged into a virtual world of news and panic when suddenly I feel this tug at my leg.. it takes me a few seconds to finish what I am doing online to respond....oh wait, it was my little boy who is now crying. So that is why I have decided that has to stop. 

As parents I really feel it`s important to be present in their company, not 50% present because the phone is more important or attracting but 100% present. Present not just because there is a pandemic but because we are parents. I place myself in my boy`s shoes. Imagine always trying to compete for attention with a small handheld device? Long term...what does this do behaviorally? And then do we blame the child for being disobedient because he drew on the wall? Was I there when he picked up the pen? Online can wait. Our little ones can`t. 

Avoiding all social media and putting my phone away outside of work hours has made a dramatic impact on my anxiety levels. I can use my energy to focus on loving my kids, giving them the attention they need. Our creative selves can flow more easily. We made monsters from cardboard yesterday. It took my mind off things and the cardboard monsters will be forever a image of the time we went through.

We will all get through this . The naughty virus will pass and things will return to normal. I think it will be a different normal as can things ever be "normal " again ?

Let`s learn what we can from tough times. Dig deep and find what this all means to you and what can you take from it and apply to your life?

Go to nature with your kids as much as you can. It is calming and grounding. Social distance as much as you can. This time it is up to us to make this happen.  We have a chance to succeed as a whole. We can do it. We are already doing it! WELL DONE.

Take care x


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