Cloth in the bush

Lots of mums have questions around using cloth on holiday. It really is no different to home (unless you have a diaper sprayer then you just cannot wait to get home to use the sprayer).

I have a bag designated for our cloth nappies (they do take up a bit of space). We use (exclusively) flats and covers on holiday as they 

  • take up the least space in a bag
  • are very easy to fold and pack
  • dry the fastest - you can easily wash flats on holiday in the basin and they dry within an hour or 2 hanging on a bush somewhere.

Do not forget the fleece liners! Honestly ladies, once babies start eating solids, poop gets rather sticky and can be a bit difficult to manage without fleece liners. Especially if you plan to go away and have to leave a relatively dirty nappy in a bag for a few days. Fleece liners allow you to get rid of the poop easily by dunking and swishing in the toilet and then the dirty nappy (poop free) can stay in a wetbag or plastic bag for 3 days before needing a wash (do not attempt longer as mould can be an issue which is hard to get rid of). Have a look at our video which shows you exactly how to get rid of poop here.

Personally I choose to take my nappy bag home and then I wash. If you go away for longer, then obviously washing will be needed. See the website on how to easily hand wash using a bucket and a plunger for those longer trips. Flats are seriously the way to go ladies- even when not on holiday. They are VERY easy nappies that fit the best and dry the fastest.

So on to the diaper sprayer.

Oh my hat- really mom. If you don`t have 1- GET ONE!! #lifechangedforever. They are very easy to install. They are not called diaper sprayers - go to CTM and ask for a bidet sprayer. This plus a T joint from Builders warehouse is all you need (you might need 1 extra pipe (ask husband or man on this). The spray sprays that poop all off. Be warned though... be sure to spray deep in the toilet bowl in fear of the poop flying back at ya.  It takes a few goes before you get the angle of spraying right. Then you are made and poop cleaning has never been easier. As far as I am concerned, the sprayer is a mandatory part of cloth diapering- life is not the same without one. We lived without one for 2 years- life changed when we installed one on baby number 2. Gosh we have missed out!

Diaper sprayer + fleece liners = happy cleaning cloth nappies.

Do not ever let poop scare you off of using cloth. It is merely a matter of learning how to use cloth properly - all the tricks such as diaper sprayers and fleece liners that come with it make it easy and very very doable.

Lets save the planet- one Pokkelokkie cloth nappy at a time.




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