Am I enough?


DID YOU KNOW there is brand new newborn full time cloth nappy set on the shop?

The set comprises of only fitted nappies, elasticated nappies and covers and allows for full time cloth. Most mums opt for washing every 2 -3 days as every day washing can get a bit tiring, especially with a little baba.

Last weekend I was supposed to do my laundry on Sunday but instead I spent it in bed with eina case of mastitis. Did you know that you can get it from a knock or injury to the breast??? Who would have thought moms! We learn new things every day. The day before I had been playing aeroplane with my 3 year old on the bed and he fell on my chest. On Sunday I woke up feeling sore and by 1pm was in bed with a fever of 40 and chills. Doctor Google quickly diagnosed me and after a nap and some myprodol, a heat pad and a few sore feedings I felt much better. Spending a day in bed is very difficult when you’re a mum hey. Unless you have an amazing and supportive husband, it probably just isn’t even possible. How do you do it single moms? I lay in bed feeling awful - not just ill but feeling useless and guilty for being unwell. This guilt fairy that sits on a moms shoulder. I wander where this comes from.? Can we ever do enough to feel like we are enough. What can we do to make us feel like we are enough, that we do enough, that we love enough, that we give enough ?

Well you ARE enough. You give ENOUGH. Do not forget that. Your best IS enough.

So I never ended up doing my cloth nappy laundry… but it didn’t matter because there is always another day and tomorrow did come and the laundry is now done. 

Love those cloth days mums... it will soon be gone.

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